MetaDomainer Plugin Review

MetaDomainer Plugin Review and Bonus by Dan NIckerson

MetaDomainer Plugin Review and Bonus by Dan NIckerson – Grab This Domainer’s Dream Tool to Make Websites In Seconds

MetaDomainer Plugin REVIEW

First Time Ever Released to the Public: MetaDomainer: Created by domainers for domainers and website developers – Has never been available until now. What Does “Meta” Mean? Meta stands for Most Effective Tactic Available, and that’s what we’re building for domainers. The most effective tactics available to create, manage and sell domains.

MetaDomainer Plugin Review

WATCH THE DEMO MetaDomainer Plugin HERE :

MetaDomainer Plugin Review and Bonus by Dan NIckerson – Grab This Domainer’s Dream Tool to Make Websites In Seconds

MetaDomainer Plugin Review

MetaDomainer Plugin REVIEW

Dan, Gene and Michael are three very experience domainers who have sold single domains from $100 to $100,000.00 (and more). In fact Gene has been selling domains professionally for over 15 years. Dan sold his first domain in 1996 and is most well known for creating popular WordPress products like the Socrates Theme used on over 200,000 websites.

MetaDomainer Plugin Review

MetaDomainer Plugin FEATURE :

What Does it Do?

  • It Creates Nearly INSTANT Websites for an Unlimited Number of Domains.
  • It Gives You the Power to Control All of Your Domain Names From One Central Location.
  • It Allows you to Create Small Business Websites Faster Than You Can Read This One Sentence!
  • It Creates a Complete Portfolio of ALL Your Domains, and Displays Them All in a “Storefront”, ready to sell.
  • Many, many more powerful features.

Populate Your Domains with Near-Instant Websites

If you’re like many of us who like to register domains for different projects or to maybe sell for profits some day, you probably have a bunch of domain names that are just sitting idle. You know the drill — “I’ll get around to building something on these domains someday”. Then you start receiving renewal notices for all these idle domain names and suddenly realize the domain names are COSTING you money instead of MAKING you money.

You’ve Gotta Do Something FAST
Maybe you have loads of dead link domains or crappy parked page templates from a registrar or domain service…Then what little revenue you make you have to share with the page provider. And they give you almost no control over content and design. And that’s why you probably have domains you’ve owned for years collecting digital dust.

What if you had a way to INSTANTLY have a revenue-producing website on every domain you own, just SECONDS after registering them? No more “I’ll get to this someday”.

Make Your Domains Your Employees…
As soon as you register a domain, pop it into MetaDomainer immediately and have a fully functional website in under 10 seconds. This is the fastest and easiest way to at least have all your domains PAY FOR THEMSELVES instead of collecting digital dust.

MetaDomainer Plugin Features :

  • Create superfast mobile responsive 100/99 Bootstrap HTML pages
  • Create Amazon Ad Pages, For Sale Pages and Custom Websites
  • Manage your domain portfolio in one dashboard
  • Have 100% control over your parked pages, no shared earnings
  • Run one ad code across all your domains
  • Custom headers/footers for codes, tags and pixels sitewide or per site.
  • Control pages remotely or use static html
  • Redirect domains with meta redirects
  • Use with Registrar Masking services
  • Organize your domains with categories and tags
  • Create your own link network and affiliate links
  • GDPR compatible with cookie consent and affiliate disclaimers
  • Bootstrap 4.0 and Font Awesome loaded
  • Display your domain portfolio using shortcodes

MetaDomainer Plugin Benefits :

Tired Of Managing Multiple WordPress Installs?

While we love WordPress, we all know what a hassle it is to manage dozens or hundreds of WordPress sites. SO many continual updates. SO many plugins and themes and WordPress files that are always being updated and need attention. Not to mention all the continuous WordPress security issues and relentless hackers trying to break your site.

Enter MetaDomainer!

MetaDomainer is arguably the first plugin that helps you use WordPress LESS. Why?

  • MetaDomainer creates HTML pages, NOT WordPress pages.
  • You only need ONE WordPress “control” site.
  • You can make an unlimited number of web pages that are 100% self-contained (no WordPress Needed).

That means no more of the usual conflicts, updates, or security headaches.

And, it eliminates the need for multiple hosting accounts. You no longer need multiple WordPress installs or hosting accounts.

Total Control

When you’re building a domain portfolio there’s some basic things you really want…

  • A way to put a nice website up fast
  • A way to track stats
  • A way to monetize the website
  • A way to list your domain inventory for sale
  • A way to do all of the above quickly and easily.

And that’s the reason we created MetaDomainer. It eliminates all these obstacles in the easiest way possible. The MetaDomainer WordPress plugin enables you to create super-fast, nice looking, one-page websites for your whole domain inventory. You can create and manage hundreds of domains from ONE WordPress install (if you’re thinking this is a “multi-site” solution, it’s not).

It Creates HTML and PHP pages!

MetaDomainer gives you the HTML or PHP version of the page (completely self-contained without WordPress), or you can just use domain forwarding/masking to the page location on your WordPress install (it’s really easy).
This allows you to have one dashboard view of ALL your domains, organize them by categories and tags, track stats and change your websites on the fly.

Your Traffic Statistics at a Glance

With MetaDomainer, you’ll now see traffic stats, both unique and total to each one of your domain names at a glance. Your MetaDomainer Dashboard lists all your domain names and traffic in one easy to view list. How much would it suck if you discovered that domain you registered a year ago has had 1000’s of people hitting it?

SuperSonic Speed!

There’s nothing worse than a slow-loading website. Not only will your visitors get frustrated, but Google will rank you much lower than others who have faster websites. We created this entire system on the Bootstrap4 Framework…and whether or not you know what that means, let’s just say it’s one of the most flexible and fastest ways to code a web page. You can even DROP-IN Any Bootstrap 4 Code Snippets in text mode and they will display perfectly in our templates. We’ll have a “Snippet Library” in the coming weeks as well as additional shortcodes for making beautiful landing pages fast. And YES.. you can even make multi-page sites. You just need to create custom menus with links to your pages. We worked extremely hard to make sure that every single page created with MetaDomainer was absolutely the fastest loading web pages possible. I’m thrilled to say we achieved this “supersonic speed”, and if you were to TEST any of the pages, you’d see results similar to the one in this image.

Are You A Web Designer?

You may think that MetaDomainer is just for people who buy and sell domains, but take a closer look. You’ll see it’s one of the fastest website building tools ever. If you just need to create simple one page websites, you can create them in seconds using MetaDomainer. Maybe we should have called it MetaDesigner. (Note: extended license required for client use)

Instant “Store Front” Lists All of Your Domains for Sale!

Now you can FINALLY have a complete “For Sale” listing of all your domains where people can buy or make you an offer. The best part is, this is automatically generated for you! All you do is choose which domains you want in the list, and place one simple shortcode on the page where you want this portfolio list to appear.

That’s it!

Instant Domain Portfolio Storefront!

MetaDomainer Plugin Testimony

The MetaDomainer plugin works perfect right out of the box! Gene and Dan are very active in the FB group and the few times I’ve had a question it was answered in just a few minutes. On a side note, I’ve been surprised to see how many unique visitors hit my domains. Thanks for a great tool! – Jim R.

I’ve been buying Domains for over a decade and love to experiment with different ways I can sell them, the majority of my Domains are on my portfolio website which is easily double the price of MetaDomainer. What I love about MetaDomainer is how quickly I can utilize my investment in a Domain and the multiple choices of ready-made templates and options to flip or monetize. So if you have only a few Domains or hundreds, MetaDomainer will give you the tools to put them to work very quickly. If you do have your Domains on a portfolio platform already, MetaDomainer will help you send any interested investor through to that platform too, this is a no brainer for the Domainer! – Rick Ellwood.

MetaDomainer makes managing your domains so seamlessly! Highly recommend this if you’re a domainer. – Eric D.

The MetaDomainer plugin is an absolute steal at $67. At $37 it’s a gift! It has saved me a ton of time, and, I’m already making a modest income from all the parked domains that I’m managing with MetaDomainer. It’s incredibly flexible. I can create an Amazon affiliate page, set up a redirect, set up a Domain for Sale page or even set up a simple squeeze page in less than 5 minutes. – John T.

I am currently using Metadomainer on a website and all I can say is that it is a 100% No brainer to use. It is really great as you can send traffic to your site rather than to a parking page. If you have a large domain portfolio, it will allow you to keep everything under control on your site. I really can only praise such a good tool! Last but not least, support is 100% fast and friendly, even with non-techies like me. – Matina S.

100% Risk Free Guarantee

Refund requests for our products are exceedingly rare. They are usually simple misunderstandings which are quickly resolved with a support email. However, MetaDomainer does have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and a ‘Questions Asked’ Policy. If you’re not happy with your purchase, just contact us directly with a specific reason and we’ll refund or resolve right away.

MetaDomainer Plugin : FAQ

Q. What license rights do I have to MetaDomainer?
A. This initial license is for your personal domain portfolio only. It’s an annual license, however you’ll be shown an extended license option after purchase which you’re going to like with no annual renewal fee.

Q. What happens if I don’t renew my license?
A. If you decide not to renew your license you can still use all the pages you’ve created, you just won’t be able to add or modify sites any longer. But all your pages will continue to work indefinitely.

Q. What’s required to use MetaDomainer?
A. It doesn’t matter if you have a PC or a Mac, but you do need a domain name, webhosting account and one WordPress install to use MetaDomainer. In order to use our Amazon Ad Page, you will need an Amazon Associates account*.

Q. How many WordPress sites can I install MetaDomainer on?
A. Although you only need one installation to manage an unlimited number of domains and pages, we give you a license that allows you to install the plugin on up to 5 of your own sites.

Q. Does it work with other WordPress plugins?
A. Since the pages you’re creating aren’t actually built on WordPress, other plugins have no impact (or function) in our templates. However, file compression does work and there are some simple workarounds to use shortcode plugins with our templates. You can add additional css and js links into any template.

Q: Are there any upsells in this offer?
A. Yes, though none are required to use MetaDomainer for your personal domain portfolio, we do have a few products/services that you may find beneficial.

Q. Is this for beginners?
A. If you own more than one domain and are familiar with WordPress you can use and benefit from MetaDomainer. However if you are completely new to domains names, hosting and WordPress there is a learning curve.

Q. Do I need a special WordPress Theme?
A. No, since you’re creating HTML pages using our own templates, the WordPress Theme doesn’t matter. Of course, we recommend Dan’s popular Socrates or Speaker Themes.

Q: Do You Provide Support?
A. Yes, we have live chat, facebook forums, email support, a YouTube channel and extensive documentation. Dan & Gene are famous for their quick support.

Q: Will you be adding more templates?
A. Yes, we’re just getting started. They’ll be a few more templates added to the base plugin, plus more pre-filled small business template shortcodes. We’re going to use customer feedback to create more templates and functionality.

Q: Can I build a multi-page sites or sales funnels with MetaDomainer?
A. Oh, you can do that and so much more. We’ll have tutorials for these features very shortly, but since we let you control navigation you can use the WordPress menu system to link multiple pages together. And you can also just drop in any video or optin code into the post editor for video landing and optin pages.

GRAB MetaDomainer Plugin HERE :

MetaDomainer Plugin Review and Bonus by Dan NIckerson – Grab This Domainer’s Dream Tool to Make Websites In Seconds

MetaDomainer Plugin Bonuses

MetaDomainer Plugin REVIEW

We KNOW exactly what the challenges are that you face when trying to effectively buy and sell domains. MetaDomainer was created not only to provide US with the very tools we needed in our own domaining business, but also to make these same tools available to anyone else who is interested in flipping domains efficiently and quickly for maximum profits.

GET MetaDomainer Plugin HERE :

MetaDomainer Plugin Review and Bonus by Dan NIckerson – Grab This Domainer’s Dream Tool to Make Websites In Seconds

MetaDomainer Plugin Download

MetaDomainer Plugin GUARANTEE

100% Satisfaction Guarantee – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

MetaDomainer Plugin REVIEW

Most importantly, MetaDomainer is not just a software tool that’s here today and gone tomorrow – this is a set of tools that we designed for our own needs in our own domaining businesses, and we are dedicated to continually adding features and more tools to the system. This is a VERY long-term project.

GET MetaDomainer Plugin HERE :

MetaDomainer Plugin Review and Bonus by Dan NIckerson – Grab This Domainer’s Dream Tool to Make Websites In Seconds

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