Giviofy Akshat Gupta Review

Giviofy Akshat Gupta Review and Bonus by Akshat Gupta Jaideep Bishnoi

Giviofy Akshat Gupta Review and Bonus by Akshat Gupta Jaideep Bishnoi – Get Access To This Unique 1-Click Software That Generates 928 Visitors Per DAY With The Power of Viral Giveaways

Giviofy Akshat Gupta REVIEW

Giviofy Akshat Gupta A completely automated system that uses the power of contest and giveaway campaigns to generate FREE traffic and HIGHLY CONVERTING leads that will earn you money while you sleep. What is Giviofy? Its the time to supercharge your Customer’s Marketing and List-building practices with this Traffic-Boosting System. Packed-with Powerful features to Persuade every visitor to take the action and be a part of “The List”.

Giviofy Akshat Gupta Review

WATCH THE DEMO Giviofy Akshat Gupta HERE :

Giviofy Akshat Gupta Review and Bonus by Akshat Gupta Jaideep Bishnoi – Get Access To This Unique 1-Click Software That Generates 928 Visitors Per DAY With The Power of Viral Giveaways

Giviofy Akshat Gupta Review

Giviofy Akshat Gupta REVIEW

Giviofy is the one-stop solution for every Marketer, Business Owner and Blogger. This is a full-fledge Giveaway setup plugin which takes hardly less-than 2 minutes to set up and saves every Contest’s enrolled candidates details right inside your Auto-responder. Giviofy boosts your Traffic Volume upto 8X by setting-up persuasive and competitive Giveaways and Contests. There came a time when our traffic stopped altogether.

Giviofy Akshat Gupta Review

Giviofy Akshat Gupta FEATURE :

Giviofy Akshat Gupta OTO / Upsell :

Front End : Giviofy Standard/ Agency Pro

  • Unlimited Site License of Giviofy
  • Advance 30 Awesome HQ Pre Made Templates
  • Create Unlimited Giveaways
  • Works With Any Browser
  • Commercial License
  • 8 Fast Action Bonus

OTO 1 : Giviofy Theme Bundle

  • 5 HQ Theme Bundle for 5 Different Niche
    • eCom
    • Doctor
    • Lawyer
    • Agency
    • Real Estate
  • Commercial License
  • Unlimited Site License
  • 8 Fast Action Bonuses

OTO 2 : Giviofy Stock Edition

  • 8000 Animated Graphics
  • 550 Quotes images with psd
  • 6000 Stock Images
  • 1500 Stock Video Footage
  • 800 Background Music
  • 99 Transparent Png
  • 80 Mobile Web Template
  • 50 Cut-out Images
  • Cloud Based Image Editing Tool

OTO 3 : Giviofy License Edition

  • Unlimited Developer License
  • 50 Promised Bonuses
  • 1 Year Hosting
  • 8 Fast Action Bonuses
  • License for both Themes and Plugins

OTO 4 :

Giviofy Reseller Edition Standard
Reseller License 200 of Plugin

Giviofy Reseller Edition Agency Pro
Reseller License 1000 – Plugin + Themes + Stocks

Giviofy Akshat Gupta Benefits :

  • 60 Second Setup
  • 30+ HQ Templates
  • Major Autoresponders Integration
  • 100% Newbie Friendly
  • Multiplies Website Traffic and Email List

Now Increasing The Number of Your Website Visitors Is As Easy As Counting 1-2-3

  • Step #1
    Setup your giveaway in less than a minute
  • Step #2
    Publish it to your website
  • Step #3
    Get a ton of traffic & email subscribers.

Giviofy Akshat Gupta Testimony

Giviofy has drastically increased my Sales. At first I was a bit skeptical about using this WordPress plugin but once I implied it on my website. Like I Created awesome Givaeaways and I got visitors and sales. They tend to trust me more and my product! – Justin Opay, Digital Marketer

I’ve been using this WordPress plugin from last 2 weeks and suddenly I’ve got a lot of Subscribers and Website Traffic. Even I got traffic on Autopilot, without putting much effort in my marketing stuff. Loving Giviofy for SURE! – Amit Gaikwad, Internet Marketer

I’m selling my ecom products like hot cakes and all possible with powerful Giveaways and Contests of Giviofy. I never thought that I’ll be able to close so much web visitors into customers with this simple to use plugin. – Billy Darr, Affiliate Marketer

Been Using this plugin for a while, I’d like to summarise the whole experience saying that Giviofy can help you go from zero to 100 real quick with your overall traffic & Leads – Nikhil Neshwankar, Digital Marketer

I’ve been using this WordPress plugin from last 2 weeks and suddenly I’ve got a lot of Subscribers and Website Traffic. Even I got traffic on Autopilot, without putting much effort in my marketing stuff. Loving Giviofy for SURE! – Dan Ashendorf, Internet Marketer

I was astonished with the results using Giviofy and with Giviofy’s 27×7 support I had no issues in using this amazing piece of software. It had taken my website to the next level. I haven’t seen a way to generate viral traffic and leads like this, pretty clever I must say. I’m using it and recommend you do the same – Joshua Firima Jr., Affiliate Marketer

Get Everything You Need To Build Viral Giveaway

Set Begin & End
Select a start and end date for your giveaway to increase scarcity.

Countdown Timer
A simple countdown timer to remind your visitors of when the contest will end.

Bonus Points on Actions
Every subscriber earns bonus point on every refferal.

Collect leads
Collect email from every visitor to remind them of the giveaway results.

Social Sharing
Subscriber can share the giveaway on various social media network directly from the dashboard.

Automated Emails
Send automated emails using inbuilt options

Autopilot Mode
Just set & forget, everything is taken care of.

Autoresponder Integration
Get access to all the premium integrations with your autoresponder.

Why did this work so well?

  • People enter your giveaway with their email ids.
  • They will get a unique referral invite link with a points system to encourage sharing to drive traffic.
  • Every share will be automatically tracked, giving you the power to create contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways that reward visitors the more they spread the word based on the point system you set.
  • The visitors will get regular entry emails and winner emails and they can be followed up with autoresponder sequence providing ongoing incentives & offers.
  • The system takes off on its own and becomes a perpetual source of new leads that compounds over time!
  • At the end of the giveaway, a random winner can be chosen and announced on the giveaway page.

This way you start with a small initial group of subscribers. With every share, the number of leads and entries will increase. End result? Exponential traffic growth – 20 visitors become 100 visitors…100 visitors become 500 visitors…and so on…

A sneak peek of what’s inside Giviofy

One Click Setup
Just add a few details about your giveaway and get going in under 5 mins.

30+ Pre-built Templates
Choose from the range of 30+ high-quality templates custom built for your website.

Easily Integrate to Any Website
No need to hire an expensive developer, Just paste a snippet of code to add your giveaway on any other website.

Social Sharing Features
Get social sharing icons directly on the dashboard. Easily enable or disable social media sharing to give extra points for sharing.

Customizable emails
Use shortcodes to customize your welcome and winner emails however you want.

Unique Referral URL of every contestant
Unique url for each contestant to share and earn points, fully control the number of points per actions.

Major Autoresponders integration
Giviofy works with all major autoresponders, use native integration or connect with zapier to connect Giviofy with 1000+ integrations. Send personalized offers to your leads using autoresponders.

Amazing Contestant Metrics
Easily track the performance of your giveaways. Manage leads, top referrers and points earned by contestants.

Lifetime Updates
Free lifetime updates and full access to future features for free.

100% Mobile Optimized
A fully responsive and mobile optimized display that supports all operating systems and smartphones- Android, IOS and Windows!

24×7 Support
24×7 proactive support, Full access to extensive knowledge base and training guides.

And so much more..

  • Export all your leads in csv and use however you like them.
  • Easily clone existing giveaway without starting from scratch.
  • Complete training available in members area.

How Your Business Can Use Giviofy To Get Quality Traffic

Personal Blogger
Giveaway a small but valuable gift with Giviofy to increase your audience and social media followers.

eCommerce Store
Run a giveaway for one of your products and increase your website traffic and sales.

Service Provider
Offer a Discount coupon or a gift card to increase brand awareness and earn huge recurring revenue.

Internet Marketer
Compile some cool ideas in an ebook or give out a digital product and generate a ton of new and targeted leads.

Just pick a tempting item to give away and watch people rush towards your website.

Giviofy Akshat Gupta Bonuses :

Fast Action Bonus #1 – (eBook) 5 Ways to Generate Free Traffic
If you want your business to be successful, then you have to get the word out about your site and give people a compelling reason to visit it, The good news is, there are a lot of ways that you can effectively advertise your company’s site online and drive qualified traffic to your site for free.

Fast Action Bonus #2 – (eBook) Build Traffic To Your Website
The World Wide Web (WWW) can be viewed as an immense ocean of traffic that is just waiting to be tapped for your online business. The traffic already exists, either on other people’s sites or through online connections, that are plugged into terminals that go directly into a person’s home or office.

Fast Action Bonus #3 – Web Traffic Spreader
Without some sort of advertising, your business doesn’t get the traffic it needs. Advertising online can be an expensive business, with quality solo ads often costing up to a hundred dollars or more.

Fast Action Bonus #4 – Viral Master List Builder
Building a list can be very hard work. It can take months or even years just to recruit a few thousand subscribers. But there are marketers on the Internet who’ve built lists of hundreds of thousands – and in some cases – over a million subscribers.

Fast Action Bonus #5 – Ad Unit Pro
This Software Can Easily Create Your Own Ad Units To Promote Your Products Or Affiliate Programs – Then Insert Them Into Your Websites Instead Of Low Paying Contextual Ads.

Fast Action Bonus #6 – Email List Builder
This software gives you and your customers a simple solution for creating fully coded, ready to go squeeze pages by filling in a form and clicking a button. You can build any number of squeeze pages in any niche, so you can attract more subscribers that you can market to repeatedly, continually promoting your products or affiliate offers

Fast Action Bonus #7 – Web Traffic Spreader
Search Engine Detector offers a simple way to detect spider visits, automatically notifying you by email that a spider has visited. This means you can perform updates when they are useful (i.e. after a spider has visited) rather than continually performing unnecessary updates that never get seen by the search engines.

Fast Action Bonus #8 – Click Drag Graphics
Click and Drag Your Way to Killer Graphics. If you are an internet marketer, you may already know that having a professional graphics for your website is very important to have. The thing is that, if you don’t have the skills to create a professional design, you might end up hiring someone to create it for you. And this is not cheap. Now, if you are a start-up and you don’t have that huge budget, creating it yourself is practical. The question is that, do you have the digital graphic designing skills? The good news though is that, inside this product package, you are about to experience an amazing tool that will help you create your own professional graphics by just clicking and dragging.

Lets Review Here’s what you get today

✔ Giviofy software & Training With Premium Access

✔ Get ZERO Cost TRAFFIC With Just A Few Mouse Clicks

✔ DFY FREE Traffic Generation System Built In

✔ Prebuilt High Quality 30+ templates to pick from

✔ Inbuilt social sharing to get social media followers

✔ Integration with all the major Autoresponders

✔ Promote Any Product/Service With Just 3 Clicks

✔ 1-on-1 Support From Leaders In Traffic, Video & SEO Industry

✔ Bonus # 1 – 5 ways to generate traffic Included

✔ Bonus #2 – Build traffic to your website

✔ Bonus #3 – Web Traffic Spreader

✔ Bonus #4 – Viral Master List Builder

✔ Bonus #5 – Ad Unit Pro

✔ Bonus #6 – Email List Builder

✔ Bonus #7 – Search Engine Detector

✔ Bonus #8 – Click Drag Graphics

You’re fully protected by our No-Question-Asked-30-Days Money-Back Guarantee.

When you get Giviofy, you have zero risk If you face any technical issues while using Giviofy just drop us a support ticket and we will help you resolve it. If in any case, we are not able to resolve it you can directly ask for a refund. We have a 99% proven record of solving customer problems and we will give you a complete refund even on the 30th day. The only way you lose is by missing out on the special launch price.

Giviofy Akshat Gupta : FAQ

Is Giviofy compatible with every WordPress theme?
Yes, Giviofy is compatible with every WordPress theme and across every version as well.

​How can I access Giviofy after my completion of purchase?
A login access link with your password will be sent to your registered email ID.

​Does Giviofy come with a training module to help me set it up?
Yes, all the training videos are added in the members’ area, if you still get stuck somewhere just drop us an email and we will help your resolve it.

Giviofy comes with a money-back guarantee?
Yes, we are offering 30 days money back guarantee. In any case, you don’t feel satisfied with Giviofy you can just raise a ticket on our support desk and we’ll refund your purchase.

GRAB Giviofy Akshat Gupta HERE :

Giviofy Akshat Gupta Review and Bonus by Akshat Gupta Jaideep Bishnoi – Get Access To This Unique 1-Click Software That Generates 928 Visitors Per DAY With The Power of Viral Giveaways

Giviofy Akshat Gupta Bonuses

Giviofy Akshat Gupta REVIEW

We had realized we need something unique to stand out of the crowd. Something that doesn’t rely on any of the above traffic generation technique, something that big brands are doing but not revealing. That’s when the light bulb went on over our heads! Jaideep figured it out. A unique way to attract a ton of audience and convert them into leads. That too without any ads. We cracked the most efficient and easiest way to pull traffic with the power of giveaways and contests.​

GET Giviofy Akshat Gupta HERE :

Giviofy Akshat Gupta Review and Bonus by Akshat Gupta Jaideep Bishnoi – Get Access To This Unique 1-Click Software That Generates 928 Visitors Per DAY With The Power of Viral Giveaways

Giviofy Akshat Gupta Download

Giviofy Akshat Gupta GUARANTEE

100% Satisfaction Guarantee – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Giviofy Akshat Gupta REVIEW

Initially, we started with a digital product, a small ebook or some coupons. We created a giveaway with 2 simple rules: »Enter your email id. »And share it with your friends to win. That’s it! It took us just a few days to grow our visitors from 0 to 928 per day. And from there, we never looked back.

GET Giviofy Akshat Gupta HERE :

Giviofy Akshat Gupta Review and Bonus by Akshat Gupta Jaideep Bishnoi – Get Access To This Unique 1-Click Software That Generates 928 Visitors Per DAY With The Power of Viral Giveaways

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