Discount Pop Review

Discount Pop Review and Bonus by Chris Jenkins

Discount Pop Review and Bonus by Chris Jenkins – Best New amazon affiliate wordpress plugin Discount Generator

Discount Pop REVIEW

Discount Pop is a revolutionary new system that allows you to create engaging popup banners that you can embed to your ecommerce affiliate websites. You are not just getting ordinary popup banner outputs. Each popup banner enables your website visitors to search for products from multiple affiliate sites and display the results with the best discount offer right on the banner itself. The system uses the most effective approach that entices your customers to purchase more on your affiliate website by providing them products they want on the best discount offer there is online.

Discount Pop Review


Discount Pop Review and Bonus by Chris Jenkins – Best New amazon affiliate wordpress plugin Discount Generator

Discount Pop Review

Discount Pop REVIEW

Users can tap on 4 major affiliate websites online, Amazon, AliExpress, Shop.Com and Walmart as a source of discounted products. This means your customers are guaranteed to get actual products on the best deal. DiscountPop Gives You a Powerful Plugin Inside WordPress and Professional Amazon Theme For a Limited Time Only. You are getting a well-equipped and super powerful system with every purchase of DiscountPop. Your 2018 will surely be a year of making it big on the online marketing scene with this ultimate discount finder solution.

Discount Pop Review

Discount Pop FEATURE :

Discount Pop OTO / upsell :

FE Offer
Basic DiscountPop offer packed with essential features that will still give you profit and engagement you need.

  • Create sleek and professional discount banners using Amazon
  • Track you banner conversions with the DiscountPop plugin
  • Popup banner type to help you get more profit and entice more customers into buying from your site
  • On Load and Exit Intent banner triggers to help you get in more sales
  • Choose form 5 banner animation effects for a more interactive website feel
  • Amazon theme + Amazon Product Import Feature

OTO 1 Offer
Advanced DiscountPop version fully-packed with all the features to give you better and more profit.

  • Get all features available on our FE Offering
  • Create discount banners for Amazon, AliExpress, Shop.Com and Walmart
  • Choose from a more variety of banner types like Left, Right, Top, Bottom positions
  • More banner triggers that you can use to customize your DiscountPop popups
  • DiscountPop with WooCommerce compatible Theme (Amazon,Alixpress,Walmart,
  • DiscountPop with Product import option as either post or product
  • Choose from up to 20 transition effects available on this upgrade
  • Dynamic targeting according to referal
  • Exclusive Develop Rights for more DiscountPop website
  • A/B Split Testing to test which banner will give you better results

OTO 2 Offer
DiscountPop DFY Affiliate WordPress themes on 5 hot niches, ready-made high converting websites.

  • All FE and OTO1 features will be available for you on this upgrade offer
  • 5 DFY Amazon Affiliate stores under different hot niches, all setup and ready to give you profit once installed

OTO 3 Offer
White Label access to one of the most powerful marketing tool you’ll need to succeed online. the Niche Evo software.

  • Get all FE, OTO1 and OTO2 features available which mean more earning and more profit for you
  • Niche Evo Whitelable Access to help you attain success on the online marketing world
  • Easily add up to 100 users on your site

Powerful + Great Advantages

DiscountPop offers you a powerful system which guarantees to give you huge advantages as an online marketer. The system was designed and conceptualized to give you the best results possible. This software gives you the power to get the best conversion possible most especially when you are dedicated on earning huge amount of money through your online store.

  • Easy and quick to utilize and execute discount finder system
  • Effortless product discount tracking on majoe affiliate networks
  • Increased customer acquisition through actual product discount results
  • Fast conversion growth plus result-driven system design
  • Develop customer loyalty through efficient and accurate results
  • Guaranteed compatible on all Ecommerce affiliate website designs
  • Easy installation of plugin and start getting your earning in minutes
  • Sleek and modern interface design that doesn’t take away the
  • Support to all 4 major affiliate networks on the internet for more access to actual products

Sleek Multi-Platform Banner Popups

Each DiscountPop banner popups you create using the system are guaranteed to work across all platform and devices. With each functionality fully working and accurate search result in seconds, you are assured that you whatever your customer is using to check on our website you have a good chance of getting that profit. DiscountPop popups have been tested to work well on desktop, tablets and even mobile phones. With multiple triggers and A/B split testing options for you you get a sleek and powerful popup that doesn’t take away a good user experience on your website.

DiscountPop Advanced Features

In our effort to always bring you the best products to enhance your online marketing experience, we always make sure that each system or plugin we product passes rigorous testing, full-functional and packed with the best features you are gonna love and use. True to our commitment on giving you the most innovative online marketing system we have packed DiscountPop with features to give you guaranteed success.

Create Discount Banner Accordingly
We made sure that you, as our user gets the best control on each popup or discount banner you create with our system. You have wide-range of option to personalize your banners to match the website you want to use it into.

Powerful Discount Meter Option
Your website visitors will get to enjoy a sleek and fully-functional discount meter on each popup you embed on your website. This means they have the power to choose how much discount they want on the search results.

Easy Product Live Search
Each search result from DiscountPop discount banner gives you actual and real-time results from major affiliate networks. This means that the discount and pricing details that appear are actual digits from the affiliate sites.

Add Popups with Multiple Triggers
This allows you as a user of the system to choose when to activate or show the popup based on the website visitors actions on your website. This means you can easily set each trigger on the most convenient action possible.

Multiple Animation Effects
This feature allows you to grab your customers attention without being too pushy and imposing. The sleek animations included on our popup design option allows you to put a soft or sleek animation style for each discount banner.

Popup A/B Split Testing
A/B split testing gives you the power to test each popup that you have designed using DiscountPop. This is very important for it allows you to see what banner designs or behavior gets the most conversion when put in you website.

Powerful Tracking Features
DiscountPop gives you conversion tracking, visitor tracking and keywork tracking features that allows you manage each of your campaign accordingly and enables you to take appropriate actions based on results.

Artificial Intelligence Feature
This advanced feature enables DiscountPop to detect whether the customer viewing your website is a returning customer. You get to personalize a message for them if the plugin detects that you have a returning customer.

WooCommerce Compatible Theme
You can be assured that DiscountPop works on all WooCommerce websites with each functionality fully operational. DiscountPop system should enhance greatly your site’s conversions and increase profit significantly.

This is How DiscountPop Works On Your Site 24/7 on AutoPilot to Get You More Sales

DiscountPop doesn’t stop earning money for you, whether you are monitoring it or not it does its work and delivers you profit. It’s a complete set-and-forget system that you rakes hundreds and even thousands of profit and traffic through a well-designed system and process. This software never stops giving you results whether you are sleeping on vacation or minding you own other income generating platform. It utilizes a proven and highly tested method to give you the results you want.

Browse Any Items from Amazon
DiscountPop allows your visitors to browse for items and products from Amazon without leaving your website.

Expand Your Leads and Audience
Easily collect leads and emails from customers through the built-in newsletter subscription option on the home page.

Utilize Banner Ad Placement for Extra Profit
Maximize your traffic earning potential by utilizing the ad sections strategically placed within DiscountPop theme.

Activate Popups with Triggers
Utilize DiscountPop built-in popup that will allow your website visitors to search for items they have not found on your site.

Exploit Discount Psychology for More Sales
The software taps on discount offers of products to attract more customers to buy thus increasing your profit in return.

What Makes Discountpop an Amazing Discount Plugin?

In our effort to always bring you the best products to enhance your online marketing experience, we always make sure that each system or plugin we product passes rigorous testing, full-functional and packed with the best features you are gonna love and use. True to our commitment on giving you the most innovative online marketing system we have packed DiscountPop with features to give you guaranteed success.

Easy to Use Interface
No technical knowledge required, just open Discountpop; search for the item you like and filter accordingly; then get results in an instant. We designed this plugin so that anyone can use it, from newbie to advanced marketers and consultants. No hassle and no coding required, just a sleek and easy to use interface ready to provide discounted products fast.

Compatible with All Amazon Affiliate Themes
Discountpop works best with any Amazon theme, allowing you to display highly discounted products on a neat and professional way. However, we recognize that some users may like to use it on their own website so we also made it compatible on all Amazon affiliate websites. All users would get an easy to use plugin that can be installed in an instant.

Professional and Modern Design
With Discountpop’s professional and sleek design it could easily blend in on any Amazon affiliate websites. We made sure that each section is fully functional and at the same time provides user with great experience when using the plugin. Its modern and minimalist layout allows the plugin to respond and function fast and efficiently on any website it is installed.

Discountpop will be Ready within Minutes
Setup takes only several minutes to complete and you’re on your way to earning more from your Amazon affiliate website. Just follow our quick and easy guide while installing and DiscountPop will be ready within minutes. You don’t even have to be a developer or highly technical person, all you need is a few investments for the product, patience and you’re on your way to getting your investment back and more.

Different Types of Triggers Help in Boosting Conversions
Choose from several available triggers for your DiscountPop popup to get better conversions. We have included several triggers such as exit attempt, page close and timer that you could set for each popup that your customers and website visitors will surely appreciate once they check your website.

Ready-made Theme Including Inbuilt Viral Traffic Module
Don’t have an ecommerce website yet where you can use DiscountPop? We got you covered, with your purchase you will also be given a powerful and sleek WordPress website that you can use to display products from Amazon and where you can integrate DiscountPop plugin to make money.

Detailed Tracking of What’s Working for You and what Not
DiscountPop plugin has a well-designed and fully equipped plugin interface that enables you to track the progress of your sales and website. Included within the system is an A/B split testing feature that allows you to assess if your products and website are working to your advantage and helps you identify weak points that you can improve.

Various Attractive Popup and Website Animations
To improve engagements and customer interaction we have included some subtle yet attractive animations throughout the theme and popup that your website visitors can experience. A good website doesn’t have to be dry and inanimate, with these feature your customers will enjoy browsing through your site and selecting products they need.

With DiscountPop you can…

– Offer your visitors easy and quick discount finder system
– They can compare prices on Amazon without ever leaving your site
– Develop customer loyalty through efficient and accurate results
– 2 fold Trigger option to grab your visitors attention
– Guaranteed compatible with all E-commerce affiliate website designs
– Professional and Modern Design (ready to convert)
– Plus much more…

Get ready to…

– Increase your Amazon aff commission without lifting a finger
– Tap into “Discount Finders” psychology to converts visitors into buyers
– Stop them from leaving your website and make them buy

Discount Pop Bonuses :

Bonus #1 – TubeBlog WordPress Plugin
TubeBlog is a wordpress plugin which will curate Youtube playlists according to keyword search and publish all videos as a post. Easily build your own video website by using other people’s contents legally and for free. TubeBlog allows you to choose any type of video from trending to most viewed items from YouTube.

Bonus #2 – WP Leadgate (White Label)
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Here’s a Recap of What You will be Getting on this Awesome Deal

You are getting a well-equipped and super powerful system with every purchase of DiscountPop. Your 2018 will surely be a year of making it big on the online marketing scene with this ultimate discount finder solution. Website traffic and profit will be the least of your problem and with very few to no maintenance necessary, DiscountPop will prove to be one your best set-and-forget online money making machine.

Here are the features again that you will surely love with this system:

  • Powerful Amazon Affiliate Marketing Discount Generator
  • Easy to Use Interface Plugin
  • Legit and Clean Online Income Source
  • Seamless Integration with Any Amazon Affiliate Sites
  • Absolutely Newbie Friendly Software
  • Sleek Discount Finder Designs to Match Any Website

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Buy with confidence with our 30 day money back guarantee. You have enough time to test the system and experience the positive results you will be getting. If you are satisfied with how EngageVids works you can keep the system and use it as long as you want. However, if you think the system doesn’t work for you then you can just send as an email should you need assistance or if you wish to get a refund for your purchase.

Discount Pop : Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need this software?
These are legit income from actual products coming from Amazon! You don’t even have to constantly update it and the site earns for itself! You can easily achieve this too, give this software a try and you won’t only be getting traffic but also recurring income.

Is this a WordPress plugin?
Yes, it’s a WordPress plugin, very easy to use and newbie friendly. It’s easy to setup and compatible with Amazon affiliate WordPress themes.

Do you offer after sales support?
Yes, of course. Not that you’ll need it, but if you do, we’re here for you. You can reach out to us. You’ll also get free lifetime updates too!

GRAB Discount Pop HERE :

Discount Pop Review and Bonus by Chris Jenkins – Best New amazon affiliate wordpress plugin Discount Generator

Discount Pop Bonuses

Discount Pop REVIEW

Website traffic and profit will be the least of your problem and with very few to no maintenance necessary, DiscountPop will prove to be one your best set-and-forget online money making machine. New plugin released today that you must see because this it provides a powerful tactic that works like magic! It utilizes the magic word “Discount” to captivate your visitors and in turn make your profits increases 10x over. This plugin is simple and easy to use you can have it setup on your sites in just a couple of minutes. Now this is a short sale and they are not leaving it up very long so you need to hurry before they take this down forever and you are left wondering what happened to your “Discount”!

GET Discount Pop HERE :

Discount Pop Review and Bonus by Chris Jenkins – Best New amazon affiliate wordpress plugin Discount Generator

Discount Pop Download

Discount Pop GUARANTEE

100% Satisfaction Guarantee – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Discount Pop REVIEW

Yes pun intended you see that word is a powerful word and now you can use it on Autopilot to make your affiliate account full of commissions in no time! A new plugin was released today called DiscountPop and with this plugin you can tap in and engage your customers and take advantage of the power of the discount. This plugin is simple and easy to use you can have it setup on your sites in just a couple of minutes. You will not want to wait long though because they are running a special sale and this plugin will only be available for a very short time so I highly suggest you check it out today!

GET Discount Pop HERE :

Discount Pop Review and Bonus by Chris Jenkins – Best New amazon affiliate wordpress plugin Discount Generator

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